Thursday, December 25, 2008

Achilles injury update

Got my surgery done by Dr. Sydney Smith at Queen's hospital on Tuesday Dec 23rd at 3pm.
Went in, got knocked out and was waking up at 430pm. They gave me medication for nausea and pain. I didn't have to take any of the nausea medicine but I needed the oxycodeine(tylox). It takes awhile for it to kick in though. Probably around 40 minutes before it works. Right now I just have to stay off of it and elevate it. I go back for a followup on Dec 29th. I can't wait to start rehabbing. Prognosis is one month before I can go to a walking boot and four-five months before I'm completely back.

Been playing Resident Evil 4 to pass the time and watching TV. Don't watch "In the Name of the King"! Horrible movie!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Blogger tabasco man said...

Good to hear everything is going okay. What type of surgery did you get? Open or percutaneous like mine?

Merry Xmas.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Wayne's World said...

"After evaluation of both subjective and objective data we recommend percutaneous repair in the recreational athlete and in patients concerned with cosmesis. Open repair is recommended for all high-caliber athletes who cannot afford any chance of rerupture."

Of course that would mean I got the open procedure. haha Nah, I'm pretty sure I got the open one but I'll ask again.

2:15 PM  

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