Tuesday, February 28, 2006

kanYe West Coming to Hawaii

Controversial rapper, Kanye West, is coming to Hawaii for one concert on Sunday, April 9. He's got good stuff and his TV performances have been entertaining.

Tickets go on sale this weekend.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Big White Skiing in Canada

This place is SUPER cheap! $671 for 7 days which includes airfare, lodging, AND ski tickets!

Hawaii Kama'Aina Ski Week Specials April 2-9 & 9-16

Package includes return airfare with Harmony Airways from Honolulu to Kelowna, 7 nights ski in ski out lodging and 6 day lift pass from only US$671 per person.

Departure dates:
April 2, 2006
April 9, 2006

Price based on double occupancy in budget condominium, upgrades available. Subject to availability, some restrictions apply and taxes additional.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Golf at Royal Kunia

Went golfing at Royal Kunia today. Was looking like it was gonna rain but it cleared up. Nice course and not too bad of a price at $40. Once again I failed to break 100. 103! Guess I should go to the range to practice......

Amazing Race 9

Coming on Feb 28th! That family edition pretty much sucked! They barely left the country! Hopefully they make up for that show with more extreme tasks in this one.....

Zipline fun!

This looks like fun! Time for a weekend outer island trip!


The email spat that landed in cyberspace

- Dianna Abdala, a 24-year-old Boston-area attorney, had apparently agreed to work for William Korman.

Then things went sour in a series of last minute e-mails (see related story).

Following is their e-mail correspondence, obtained by ABC News' "Nightline," that degenerated into a spat that got e-mailed to various attorneys, publications and "Nightline."


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Educator's Savings for Borders

If you are an educator, you can get 25% from Borders and Walden Books from March 23-28.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Art After Dark

Art After Dark starts up again this Friday....

Chef's Table - German Restaurant

My friend said that this was the best and really the only German restaurant on the island.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sports Ilustrated 2006 Swimsuit Issue

If you're into this sort of stuff but I just like to read the articles.

Target(the store) and their crime lab

From Anderson Cooper's blog:

Target sets sights on hard-to-crack cases

I got an unusual assignment this week -- Target's crime lab. Yes, I'm talking about that Target, the national "upscale discounter," as they style themselves in the information package the company hands out to reporters.Turns out Target has one of the most advanced crime labs in the country at its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was initially set up to deal with things like theft, fraud, and personal injury cases in their stores. Now, Target also helps law enforcement agencies nationwide solve crimes, even murders. Target has worked with the Secret Service, the ATF, and the FBI, to name a few.Target does the work for free, seeing it as a kind of community service. It doesn't advertise its crime lab services, but word started spreading and law enforcement agencies started asking for help. Some government agency labs aren't as well-equipped as Target's. In other cases, Target can get results faster because of logjams in agency labs.Target's lab is run by an ex-FBI agent and boasts a staff of forensic experts. They spend a lot of time analyzing video from surveillance cameras in their own stores.The day we visited we looked at how they helped crack a murder case using video from a convenience store security camera in Minneapolis. The Target team cleaned up the image of the shooting suspect, but that wasn't enough to identify him. Then they figured out what kind of car he was driving, even though you could barely see the vehicle through the store's window on the surveillance tape. It was the stuff of CSI.Police put these pieces together to help identify the murderer. He's now serving a life sentence in prison.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Spring Break Snowboarding!!!

Going to Salt Lake City for some skiing/snowboarding during Spring Break. Probably two days at Brighton and a day at Park City. Here's our lodge.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Netflix frequent renters pushed to back of the line

Netflix frequent renters pushed to back of the line

For those who use Netflix or plan to. From Saturday's Honolulu Advertiser.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Amazon 5% coupon code

Amazon 5% off coupon code: CECUSTAPPRCT Exp 2/13

Valentine's Day Isn't Cuddly for Everyone

Valentine's Day Isn't Cuddly for Everyone

Now, in Japan the girls get gifts for the guys on Valentines Day and then on White Day(March 14th) , the guys get gifts for the girls. I scheduled my vacation too early!!!! Dang!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Free Ice Cream

Buy one get one 2 scoop sundae, get one free at Baskin Robbins!!! Link
expires Feb 14, 2006

****Update - Only vaild in the Continental United States. Once again, Hawaii gets the shaft!

The Single Files from the Honolulu Advertiser


For us singles out there....

From the poll on their site:

Where do you go to meet other singles?
Where do you go to meet other singles?
 [tally] 46
Coffee shops
 [tally] 5
 [tally] 2
 [tally] 26
At school or through classes
 [tally] 14
 [tally] 11
At work
 [tally] 18
Cultural events
 [tally] 5
At the gym
 [tally] 6
Through clubs/groups such as hiking or running
 [tally] 9
By volunteering
 [tally] 4
Matchmaking events such as speed dating
 [tally] 4
votes: 150

46 votes for bars/clubs? That seems pretty high...Club 939 is a bar/club and there is girls there....VIP room here I come!!!

#1 Single

Lisa Loeb's reality show on E! This show is pretty funny. She's kinda cute. Almost looks like Kelly Preston...

Sapporo Snow Festival


This would be a cool place to be right now. Beautiful city and the sculptures are amazing! Maybe next year......

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Best Deal in Tokyo for DOD/Military


Got a twin room for $63/night really close to Roppongi! Closest thing to that would cost over $200 outside. Another option is the Hardy Barracks which is cheaper but harder to get.

Hardy Barracks is right in Roppongi and is around $35/night. You gotta be stationed in Japan or on orders.