Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A friend told me about this site. You call the number, speak your message and it emails it to you account. Pretty neat! Check out the site for more info....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Giovanni Pastrami

Went to check out Giovanni Pastrami on the Waikiki Beachwalk instead of the popular Yardhouse across the street for a change of pace. The place was pretty empty even for a Tuesday at 7pm. The location of the TVs could have been placed a little better. It almost looks like they just put up TVs just to show that they have them. I don't think any thought was put into where people would be looking when they sit down. If you're sitting in a booth, the placement is awkward. As a sports bar patron, I want to be able to get a good view of at least one screen no matter what direction I'm facing.

On to the beer.... $4 for domestic drafts, $5 for premium drafts. I had the Bass Ale draft and it was too warm. The glass wasn't chilled either. You can never have beer too cold unless it's frozen. I won't be back to drink there anytime soon.

Here are some food pics:

The pastrami sandwich - $12.95. The fries were pretty good. Almost like McDonald's. Way too overpriced though. I would say $9.95 would be a better price. Want a slice of tomato with that? That'll be an extra $1.50. Yikes!

Gourmet Veggie pizza - $22.45. The pizza is from Round Table so it's pretty good. This one had way too much garlic but it still tasted good.

Deli Shredded Spicy Salad - $14.95. Wasn't that spicy but the taste was fine. Nothing special though.

Overall, I wasn't impressed. The sandwiches are from CJ's Deli and the pizza is from Round Table and they call it Giovanni Pastrami. There's nothing original about this place. They did have a special for $3 drafts and free pizza during their happy hour which was from 4pm to 6pm or something like that. I might consider going to that but if they have warm beers then no thanks. They do have a large breakfast selection but with those prices, I would rather go to Denny's down the street.

Rating - 6/10 stars. (Of course my rating system has been considered questionable regarding female newscasters so don't put too much weight into my stars)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Gwen! Gwen Gwen! Talk about loud! There's football loud and then there's girl screaming loud that pierces eardrums! There was alot of interesting outfits and no shortage of cleavage that's for sure! We had pretty good seats being up in the loges(Loge 4) which gave us a good view. If you can get Loge 6/7 that would be a little better. Concert T-shirts were going for $33, programs for $12. Beers were $7 for a 24 oz Bud light or a 20 oz Stella Artois. Gwen came on at around 8:40pm after a pretty long intermission. As expected she had lot of energy and got the crowd going from the get go. In both shows she ran up through the crowd to the top of the risers on each side of the arena getting the crowd in a frenzy. The Harajuku girls were entertaining originating from Tokyo, Osaka and even Okinawa. (Uchinanchu!) A couple of the guy dancers were really talented doing alot of acrobatic moves. Gwen's outfits were very leggy making her seem pretty tall when in actuality she's only 5' 6". Her voice is what really stood out as she was belting songs out with no problem sounding extremely good. She didn't sing any No Doubt songs which were disappointing to some people. I would give the concert a 8/10 just because some of the slow songs were kinda hard to endure. Overall it was still alot of fun and there aren't many any acts that would be able to match her performance. Hopefully they come back with No Doubt and even a cameo by Eve. Would love to see Green Day in the future although that might warrant a stadium concert.

Here's the Advertiser's review of her show. They have some pretty good pics as well.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cool music site

I always like reading Honolulu's Nightlife Diaries and I found this cool music site on her blog called which allows you to search for music online and create, play, and/or share your playlist. Pretty cool!

Cool Roomba review

This site covers the roomba in detail and includes video as well. If you're thinking of getting one, you should review this site first.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Dragon in downtown!

Roomba Scheduler review

Got my roomba last week and it works pretty good! The pets were a little freaked out about the new inhabitant of the household but they're getting used to it. Setup was pretty easy. Plugged in the charger, docked the roomba and after around 4 hours it was charged and ready to go. Started it up and it went around bumping into stuff and learning the room. Make sure to keep as much stuff off the floor as possible. The bin where it hold the rubbish is pretty small and it's better to clean the pet hairs off of the brush after each use. I haven't used the scheduler part of it yet. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't buy that option. I would go for a cheaper model for around $100 and just turn it on whenever I can at home. It's not that noisy which is good. It works really well on hard floors or tile. It's like a robot hokey sweeper. It's great for maintaining the carpet after a good cleaning by a regular vacuum cleaner. It's definitely worth the price if you factor in the time that you save cleaning the house.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ohana Doggie Day Care in Kakaako

Found out about this cool place for dog care today. They have doggie cams so you can check them out online.

They also have boarding rates(daily):

Cage Free Doggie Boarding
includes multiple daily walks and playtime

Under 20 lbs:


21 - 40 lbs: $33
41 - 60 lbs: $35
61 - 100 lbs: $40
Over 100 lbs: $45

From their site:

"Ohana Doggie Day Care and Spa also offers boarding without cages/kennels in a family atmosphere, the dogs sleep on toddler beds, couches and dog beds. Located at 611 Cooke Street, this 5000 square foot facility has a pet boutique with dog clothing, toys and accessories, cat and dog food. Services include spa treatments from a bath and a pawdicure to a body massage. An outdoor play area and daily walks are all part of the special treatment. Belly rubs and kisses are unlimited and given at no additional cost. So when you are at work or out of town, have your baby stay at Ohana Doggie Day Care and Spa, where you can check on your baby via the video cams on and know that they are getting the best of care with Ohana."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My first robot - iRobot's Roomba!

I've heard some good feedback on this robotic vacuum cleaner so I decided to purchase one. They have different models but I definitely wanted the one that can be scheduled to run whenever you want. I wanted to buy it from Costco in case it broke but it doesn't look like they always stock it. While researching the product and reading reviews, I found a store called Hammacher Schlemmer based out of Ohio that offers a lifetime warranty on their products. They have a coupon for free shipping - AFFS1. The code expires on 8/31/07.
We'll see how it turns out soon!