Thursday, November 30, 2006

Footlocker 30% coupon

FootLocker has 30% off promo code FF6CV33L valid through 12/3

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday at Compusa was crazy!

Went to check out the sale at Compusa at 9:30pm on Thanksgiving evening and boy was that a mistake! Talk about a madhouse! The parking lot was completely full. I managed to get a spot on a side street. When I went into the store it was a complete zoo. People all over the place. I've never seen it that crowded. I didn't see why that many people were there. The sale didn't seem that great but maybe I was missing something. I actually grabbed some stuff to purchase and began to stand in line but when I found out that the line wrapped around all over the store, I was out of there. Standing in line for 2 hours to save some $$$s isn't worth it unless it's alot of $$$s. Crazy.

From the Honolulu Advertiser blog:

Comment from: Largo [Visitor]

Just got back from the CompUSA 9-midnight sale. Got there (Kakaako store) at 3 minutes before 9:00 and the line in get in wrapped around the building to the back, then out to South street.

The check out line was orderly because there was only one main line, to the first open cashier - like banks. That line started from the cashiers and went back to where the Mac stuff is. Then along that back wall to where the new TV section is. Then further back to the wall where the hard drives are. It continued along the hard drive wall up to customer service, then to the front door. Then it wrapped around to where the cameras, then to where the MP3 players are. I would guess the wait to
pay was 2 hours. At least.

Me, I stood in line where the camera stuff is. That wrapped around the camera section into a complete circle. The MP3 players section was the same. With only 1 register, wait time was an hour and a half.

When we left at about a quarter to midnight, the main line was still at the hard drives wall.

24/7 restaurant in Waikiki coming next month

"A DIFFERENT type of restaurant is about to open in the newly monikered Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio hotel, formerly the Radisson.

MAC 24-7, which stands for Modern American Cooking, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is also doing a very different grand opening, opening its doors at midnight Friday, Dec. 8, serving guests as the date changes to Dec. 9."

Read the rest of the Star Bulletin story here

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Aloha Stadium swap meet is junk

Went down to the stadium to buy tix for the UH vs Purdue game this weekend. Since the swap meet was there, I decided to check it out to see if it changed any. Walked all the way around the stadium and it was nothing but vendors. I couldn't see a single thing I would buy there. Lots of T-shirt stands. Eight shirts for $20? $2.50 for a shirt? What sweat shops are they getting these from? Had shave ice, coconut thingies you can drink out of, crack seed, kakimochi stuff. All of the stuff there was mostly for tourists. It's more like the Waikiki International than a swap meet. Guess I gotta check out the Kam swap meet next...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Black Friday Sale at the Apple Store

No concrete info what will be on sale at the Apple Store on November 24, but Apple has created a special page that will have details of the sale.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Quote of the day

Everything worthwhile in life is attained through hard work. Happiness is not an exception. - Dennis Prager

Friday, November 17, 2006

Advertiser community website

"myAdvertiser is a group of community-specific Hawai'i Web sites that feature news, photos and information important to residents.

myAdvertiser is an opportunity for you to connect with neighbors by submitting articles about fundraising events, good works by individuals or groups, or what is going on in your neighborhood. Each site will include relevant breaking news and articles from our family of community newspapers and The Honolulu Advertiser."

Saw this on the Daily Dish

They only have sites for the following only:
Gee Why, you can be a reporter!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A night in downtown Honolulu

Checked out Yusura restaurant in downtown Honolulu(Read some reviews here and here). Should have took pics but didn't have my camera. Always seen it driving down N. Beretania on the left side before the Chinese Cultural Plaza but haven't gotten around to eating there. It's a good place for cheap eats. I had the chicken katsu curry / mini ramen set with six pieces of gyoza. The ramen was kinda normal, nothing special. The curry and gyoza was good. My friend had the pork fried rice which looked pretty good. Overall 3.5/5 stars. Good food, quick service, and cheap.

Checked out Next Door (Read some reviews here and here) I usually don't venture on the streets past the one Indigo restaurant is on heading towards Chinatown but that's where the club was. Wasn't mugged, drugged or beaten up so that was good. Did run into two beggars in the span of half a block but that's about it. Bar 35, and thirtyninehotel are located on the same block which are other cool places to hang out. The scene was fresh compared to the usual fancy Club Pearl, Oceans, Zanzabar scene. Nice high ceiling with a big open area for hanging out or dancing. The crowd started to build up at around 11pm and was pretty crowded at midnight. Don't these people have jobs??? Good mix of people with a mainland SF feel. Would be a great place to check out when they have a live band. Kinda one of those places, where you can wear anything and you won't stand out. It was 80's night so they were playing a bunch of good songs. Later it progressed to house music which was cool too. Beers were kinda expensive at $5. I don't want to know what the mixed drinks cost. We left at 1am(much too late for a worknight but it was fun). Getting up early wasn't too fun though. At least I didn't have a hangover. Next time I'll take some pics to post...Her'e a link to what it looks like and the people that go there.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top Chef Season Two is pretty good

And the host is well, um, yah, you get the idea. I didn't get to watch it from the beginning butI just watched the last couple of episodes. Betty is doing pretty good. I don't think she has what it takes to win but I like her spirit. I think the favorites have to be Sam and Cliff. I can't believe Michael is still on. His attitude is horrible. It's like they let him on just to make for good tv. Looking forward to the rest of the season....

My next car I think....

I know I said my next car would be the IS350 but that was last year so I get to change my mind. Here's my next car for this year - The BMW 335i:

I orginally wanted the sedan...

But the coupe looks super good....

With 300 horsepower and class-leading 300 ft. lbs. of torque, the 335i Coupe is the most powerful 3 Series Coupe we’ve ever built, wrapped within the body of a beautiful machine. It features the world’s first inline six-cylinder engine with high precision injection and twin turbo chargers. It’s also remarkably fuel efficient, offering a major boost to engine power and a significant reduction of fuel consumption, at the same time. But even more impressive is that this engine marks a significant advancement in turbo technology. By using two small turbo chargers instead of one large one, our engineers eliminated the “turbo lag” other turbo engines are known for.

Side Street Inn has the best Fried Rice???

Just had Side Street Inn's fried rice and I can't believe this was the best out of the Advertiser's picks! There was way too much carrots and peas in it. I prefer not to have any carrots or peas in my fried rice. Their fried rice also had char siu which made it a little sweet. I'd rather have celery and spam in my fried rice. The best of course is to make it at home on your own though. The draft beer at Side Street Inn was winnahs though. Nice and cold!